I hate phonecalls

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when friends or family call, and I can chat for hours about absolutely nothing. I’m one of those guys who’re tempted to call a friend for entertainment if there are more than ten minutes to the train. I adore taking a long walk late at night with a friend in the headset.

What I hate, are those damn “important calls”. The calls you have to make to potential new workplaces, to people you wanna buy stuff from, to the edge of your network in hopes of a favor, business calls on behalf of organizations. I loathe those. They’re so damn difficult to prepare for, and I always feel like everything relies on my performance those two minutes thirty, or however long the nightmare lasts.

To be fair, it’s very rarely a nightmare once the phone is picked up at the other end. I just imagine all the worst case scenarios, and the simple task of punching the number ends up being a struggle.

It’s in my head, I know. But damn. Am I really the only one who feels like this?

One thought on “I hate phonecalls

  1. Med telefonopkald har jeg det som regel ikke – men jeg kan sagtens bruge lang tid på at skulle finde ud af at tage mig sammen til en interaktion, der i mit hoved kunne finde på at være problematisk.

    Jeg tror, at vi måske skal øve os i at huske på, at det gik godt sidst, og så vil det nok også gøre det i dag.

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